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 Posted: Wed Sep 11th, 2013 10:37 pm
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Woodrow , Si , fellers..

I am perverse..I eat ramen and beans all the time..
Sometimes I move on up to rice...and beans...
lemme tell ya about new fried beans in dried form...
mmmmmm mix em up in warter ..nuke they little arses..eggs or what have you..
soma that Rooster brand hot sauce..

So..uum..for Herbie..yessir on topic yessir..
they hauled them beans in on the narrow gauge..yessir right away sir...

I tell ya..It might not be good for me to do the reviewin.....
The book has alot of pitchers..
the book mostly consists of the author / publisher telling whot is in the pitchers..
I have trouble following it..

Now that said..for the true wonky Gilpin fan...
the thing is a blow by blow, mile by mile account of the line..
staying the course with fotos in each section being the same areas from differing angles..
with maps of the area in question....
this is really good for trying to understand the area...and the line..

There are fotos which are in series of fotos I have seen before,
very interesting to see "the next" foto in series obviously taken just after the one I had seen before

Alot of construction fotos of the rock work along the bluff leading to and around castle rock.
All in series and that bit of construction is interesting and oft seen in the original Gilpin book..
albeit in one or two fotos only..

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