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 Posted: Tue Sep 10th, 2013 02:34 pm
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WOW !!!

That was Sept. 2012 ...
... now it's Sept. 2013
(1 year older & not the least bit wiser...; that is !)

How's the grime build-up; after a year of South-West mining action ?

The new 'wood-frame' tender (with cut flare)...
...& MKII cab (you were right; the first wasn't)... def. got 'the look' NAILED yet again Woodie.

I dunno how you do it ?

The Mogollon shops, just 'go-for-it' I guess...
...the quicker done...
...the sooner down The Bloated Goat; right ?!



Got any more pix. in the last 12 months Woodie ?
How about a Mogollon yard, to smelter railfan trip ?

I bet she 'rattles the panes' in the new monorail office... she blasts past on the mainline !

(jeeez, the Fans ARE demanding, aren't they !)


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