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 Posted: Thu Feb 21st, 2013 12:41 am
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Well, as promised, here are some photos of the Caboose Bash.

Here are some shots of each end of the caboose. The doors were scavenged from a Bachmann On30 Passenger Car. The steps, platforms, railings/endsills are from a B'mann On30 caboose.

This photo shows all the primary components of the frame and chassis. The wheels/chassis are, obviosly, a B'mann passenger car truck. The pin on the truck was cut off using flush cutters. Then I drilled a hole through the frame and passenger truck. The end platforms, steps, ect... were cut off from a B'mann caboose frame and attatched to the original Gnomy toy frame using plastic welder.

I'm also planning on adding a detailed interior and here is a photo of my "Wood" floor. I made the floor using a piece of cardstock, scribed with an Xacto knife. Then I stained the cardstock with a woodstain marker and then given a few applications of a lite blackwash. This was an experiment I tried due to the inability of finding a propper scale floor. I think the end results are fairly impressive.

Here are the rest of the interior components for the caboose. All of which were scavenged from the Bachmann On30 one. The two cabinets on the left are to be wall mounted. The stove was also from the bachmann model, but it is nowhere near as detailed or realistic as I would like. So it will be replaced by a Grandt Line D&RGW Caboose Stove kit.

Here is a rough "dry" fit of the interior components. The larger wall mount cabinet is to be mounted between the windows on the same side of the caboose as the stove is located. The other, smaller cabinet will be mounted in the corner directly next to the stove. I also plan on fabricating a sink/washbasin to place near or under the window there. Other details will be a fold away desk and a chair for the conductor or train cewmen to sit in while on the run.

As for painting I intend on coloring the caboose red. The roof will be a tarpaper roof painted black, though I'm not sure what to do for the interior color(s). I'm open to sugestions.

Also, I must note that at present the caboose is technically On30. However I plan on narrowing the gauge to On20 for my Ocalla Tramway.

So, YES!!! There is actual progress afoot!! :moose:

A.J. Davis

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