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 Posted: Sat Nov 10th, 2012 05:30 pm
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A. J . fellers...

Now ..thinking outside the is be able to have space to build a bit or railroad..

I propose...1:35th..n 2"...yessir..A bachman dizzle..OR..the Porter..which is no out of print.....?..that a question fellers..?....:sad:

These are the motive power thing solved..all of the fun..W/O the milling of frames..quartering of drivers..rods..grease yer cups..over the cups..etc..etc..:Crazy:

I have built several of Grandt Porters. which  ran well ...this  is the acid test..NOT ALL is a major effort ..but it can be done..

That said..I wouldn't do it again..un less I just wanted a mantle piece model..

And this is why i am talking up 1:35th n 2' now so much..even with track powa...{ Woodie...shhhhhhh } can be done..up and no time atall..the fun..without the ditch digging aspect..of building each iota..and duck sounds like  a duck..etc etc..

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