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 Posted: Thu Nov 8th, 2012 04:52 pm
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Mike, James, and Woodie:

Thank you for the nice comments on the Gilpin Tram postings. The Freerails group is a great group of modelers, and contains some of the most creative modeling I have seen.

Woodie, in your last post, you posted photos of your Gilpin roster. The loco is beautiful, as are the cars. The water tank car looks escpecially intriguing - I'd like to see more.

Gilpin Tram's little snowplow is sure "cute", if I'm allowed to say that.

And, there is an almost-prototype connection between the Mogollon in our model world - the real Gilpin Tram sold two shays to the Silver City, Pinos Altos, and Mogollon Ry, so who's to say more stock couldn't have been sold to the neighboring Mogollon Ry? Woodie, thank you for posting the photo.


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