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 Posted: Thu Nov 8th, 2012 04:21 pm
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Herb-Keith hangs out with legends of narrow gauge history, not the likes of blacksmiths like me! However, Keith wants to know about others modeling the Gilpin Tramway, here are a few things that I have.

From left to right-Gilpin Tram water car #300, GT ore car-phase one, GT Shay #1, and GT snowplow #02. While these pieces are owned by the Mogollon Railway, they are still somewhat faithful models of Gilpin equipment. The water car is now MRy #301, ore car is #69, loco is still #1 as it would have been on the Silver City RR, and plow is GT (Gila Tramway) #02. So there, I do indeed have Gilpin equipment in New Mexico.

BTW-the water car and plow were built from Keith's plans.


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