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 Posted: Thu Nov 8th, 2012 05:57 am
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Does anyone else on this group model the Gilpin Tram?  I've been intrigued by this little line since I first saw some of the old grades back in the mid-1980s.  After some research, I learned how the 2' gauge Gilpin Tram served numerous mines, hauling gold ore down to mills in Black Hawk, and coal and other supplies back up to the mines.

So, about 20 years ago, I began modeling the Gilpin Tram in HOn30.  This small scalle has allowed me to model a decent amount of railroad in a fairly small space. 

The photo above shows the Gilpin Tram enginehouse, which was modifed by the railroad from a horse barn.  I had an article written up on this in the Gazette in 1989.  The small size fits into the layout pretty well.  That little structure out in front was a storage building for oil and other combustibles.

This iteration of my layout did not have room for a wye like the prototype did, so I put a small turntable out behind the enginehouse.   The turntable is a modified Peco N scale model sold at one time by B & F Hobbies, with a custom motorizing kit.  I purchased it about 20 years ago and it still runs great.  The shay locomotive is a modified Atlas N scale mechanism.

The focus of my modeling is to have operating sessions recreating the switching to the various mines.  Here is a morning shot showing Shay #4 heading up through Clear Creek Canyon (north fork) with a couple of empty ore cars, a water car, and caboose.  The water car was used to haul water to those mines that had a poor water source - the Gilpin Tram filled the tank car up at one of their water tanks, and dropped it off at the mine for a $10 charge.

I'll post more photos tomorrow - gotta go to bed now!


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