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 Posted: 4 Sep 2012 04:13 pm
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Duane-the loco as it comes has no room for more weight.
She has a diecast boiler which has just enough room for the motor, flywheel, and gear towers.
If this was a tank loco (are ya listening Backwoods Models ???) then the side tanks could add traction.

The SV didn't want the tanks because the locos were too heavy for their rail so the tanks were removed,
later the SV put iron plates under the running boards to help traction.
Besides, the SV was "long haul" and needed a large fuel supply from a tender.
And then the Guatamala line that finally got them found that they couldn't handle the grades on that railroad.
If the SV had been left out of the loop, the big girls might still be hauling fruit in Central America!

Now, what could I have done to make the new loco "walk" up a 10% grade with loaded ore cars?
Install traction tires?
Nope..but I "painted" Pliobond contact cement on EACH driver tire and allowed it to dry 2 days...
now she don't miss a beat!
Of course, if I needed the drivers for pickup from the rails, I'd be lost but wireless allows one to do most anything.

That female firechick has been on the line a long time, once she was the Garratt's engineer.


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