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 Posted: Fri Aug 31st, 2012 08:44 pm
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OK, you want more?

I hope you are ready for all this!

First, the locomotive was rewired, the 4 wire plug was dumped and the 2 pin connector was wired to the motor leads.

Remember that all the "junk in the trunk" was pitched, leaving the next part:

The tender frame was "modified" so the proper equipment could be fitted.
The tall bosses were ground off and the speaker was tossed also.

After all this work, I decided that I will build a new wider tender frame
(remember that this is 1:35 scale now) and the tank will sit atop like usual.

Here is the new equipment for the tender, a Kyosho board (a LOSI could fit also) and a hunky 1300 mAh 7.4 Volt Li-Poly battery.

I found that the weight of the battery along with the weight of the die cast tender frame weighs almost as much as the loco does.
Since I want this loco to haul cars up a 10% grade, I have opted for a lighter frame (mentioned above).

 I installed Miniatronics 2-pin plugs for the battery and motor connections,
the receiver crystal is wired so it can be placed in the tender easier,
and the antenna (with the spade lug) will just sit on the tender deck.

The on/off switch will be installed on the front of the oil bunker for access.

The tender body was whacked on a good bit.

I cut off the faring along the top of the tender which makes it look a bit more like what I wanted.
The oil tank was sectioned down a bit also, I felt it was too long for this loco.
Just some cutting and sanding and it's a done deal.

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