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 Posted: Thu Aug 30th, 2012 05:35 pm
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W C Greene

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Right now, I am getting new #7 "adjusted" for running on the line.

Not much is needed but I will need to trim a little off the driver gear covers since the covers tend to ride up a little on all the guardrails.
I ain't gonna remove gaurdrails (Mopman suggested that, but he runs a Class 1 diesel road)...
and I ain't gonna build new turntables.

The new loco plus tender is about 8 scale feet too long for the tt's so she will run forward and backward.
There were many roads that did this anyway.
That is why a little "tweaking" is needed, you know how some locos track better one way than the other, this one runs well both directions.
Just to be obstinate (25 cent word), I think that I will install a small "cowcatcher" on the tender.

Si- she runs around 15" radius and I suspect less.
I have one curve that was built back when I was running just Porters, and #7 tracks around that one...
it may be 13" or maybe a little less!

Hasta la vista and guten tag...


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