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 Posted: Thu Jul 19th, 2012 06:39 pm
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Ray-the HOn30 guys are somewhat lukewarm about Tillig track but then, they seem to be modelling Maine 2 footers on HOn30 track. I have been known to spend money on things that didn't work out (except for my r/c stuff), I might advise you to buy a turnout and maybe some flex track and see for yourself. Since Micro Engineering has abandonded the HOn30 market, it is left with Peco, Tillig, and not much else. Or maybe use the Tillig turnouts that have impressed you and hand lay the rest. I looked at the Tillig HOe locos in their catalog and then saw the prices! HOLY COW, they are proud of their stuff, I trust they run as well as the price would indicate. I know several guys who use Peco, nobody I know uses Tillig. Good luck with this one.


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