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 Posted: Thu Jul 19th, 2012 04:17 pm
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I was at a local bookstore and happened to read through the latest issue of Continental Modeller magazine. Contained therein was a layout that really interested me as it was a small one featuring dual-gauge operation (HO & HOn30/HOe). [I will go back to said bookstore and 'plunk' down my $10 for a copy of this issue. It seems Peco has done very well, over that past years, of removing copious sums from my wallet.]

In the article, the author mentions that he used Tillig brand track. Having never heard of Tillig (hey...I live in Alabama), I proceeded to do some Internet research. Tillig offers a line of 'Elite' HO/HOe track. Included in this line are dual-gauge turnouts (straight through being HO whilst the diverging rails/points are in HOe) as well as dual-gauge flex track.

The next thing I noticed was that Tillig point rails and converging rails are one piece (ala prototype). more ugly, and unreliable, hinge joints between the two. These turnouts were beautiful to behold.

I also happened to discover a forum with references to Tillig trackwork (mostly European members). Their comments were mixed: some liked the track, some found the track to be problematic for the "ham-fisted", and others disliked the fact that the track resembled Germanic prototypes and was not suited to English or U.S. track.

So my question is (before I spend 'mucho pesos' on a brand of track with which I have no experience): Have you used Tillig track products? What was your experience with said products? Would you recommend Tillig track products? Are they as reliable as Peco products?

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