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 Posted: Sun Jul 1st, 2012 01:25 pm
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Yes, those are scissor keyboard stands under the layout which I bought from amazon for $25 each. It kind of sounds like a lot when you say, "It will cost $50 to hold this layout up", but honestly after I buy all the wood, glue, and hardware to build them myself I feel like the cost is fairly close.

They have a total of 5 height positions you can set them at. Right now I have them set to the 2nd tallest position which is around 3.5 ft. tall. I haven't taken them all the way up to the highest but I'm guessing that'd be around 4 ft. I should note that the taller they are configured the closer their feet get together and the less stable they become.

One thing I didn't expect about them is that I ordered the first one to see what it was all about. Overall I was pretty impressed. It was cost efficient, made from lightweight aluminum, easy to open and close, and collapsed into a compact form. I bought the 2nd one a few months later and used Amazon to re-order the exact same model. Well apparently the company changed the product slightly during that time. The new one has an extra height position, and instead of making all the positions match they rounded out the difference. This makes it so that only two of the settings on each unit actually match up height-wise. I guess the rule of thumb here is buy what you need at the same time so that doesn't happen to you!

As for what I think of them -- Overall they're pretty good and probably better than what I would have built. They are stable left to right but a little tippy front to back as they're sitting on carpet. Obviously they'd be more stable on a solid surface.

Where the layout is standing right now there will eventually be two bookshelfs purchased and set there. At that point the layouts will live on top of the bookshelves and I'll keep the stands in the closet for when I want to take the layout places to display it. When that happens, I think there will need to be a little extra work done on a way to give things some more stability. I was thinking of using Velcro straps or zip ties to secure the sections to the legs. Something to that effect would need to be done to make sure that a viewer doesn't accidentally bump a section off it's stand.

Overall if I was to build another portable layout I think I'd use these again but would somehow incorporate into the benchwork some kind of design where the stands actually fit into or snapped into the benchwork somehow. At that point I think it'd be a hard option to beat.

Also, I should mention I got the idea to use the keyboard stands from Woody. If you've seen woody's outdoor layout he's using some kind of tripod to hold up each section. It make me start looking around for something lighter and easier than wood to work as layout legs.

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