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 Posted: Fri Jun 29th, 2012 04:51 am
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Thanks, and yes that will be wharf/pier at some future point. I thought the crossing was neat but my Blackstone C-19 has trouble going over it without stalling (the K-27 does fine though).

The track plan itself is a modification of Iain Rice's "Roque Bluffs", originally designed for Proto:87. Rice's original was 12 ft long with a 3-4 ft staging area. He also included a smaller sketch of an "extended" version that was 15 ft. long. I took the extended 15 ft area and compressed it down to about 10-11 ft which has the spurs and such come out about right for narrow gauge.

Instead of the 4 ft staging area I have a single track removable cassette that will duck behind the backdrop (not built for the left most section yet). I also added n extra run-around track for some more operational interest. I've always admired Rice's track plans so it's fun to finally be building one, even if I made a few modifications of my own to it.

Model Railroader actually released the first article, which includes the original track plan, as a free "bonus" to entice people to subscribe. It can be viewed here:

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