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 Posted: Sun Jun 24th, 2012 03:24 pm
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Here's a couple pics of the Northern Sierra Madre where a line from El Paso to Guaymas woud have crossed: The first pic is one of the smaller ranges within the Sierra Madre caled the Sierra El Tigre-one of the most isolated and unknown mountain ranges in North America, and as its name suggests is home not only to jaguars, but also had grizzly bears into the 1980s (I once spent a week hiking around the Sierra El Tigre looking for a rare wild parrett). A railroad through here woud have passed gold, copper and silver mines like the famed El Tigre mine, the largest pine forest in Mexico as well as some of the most productive cattle ranching areas in Mexico:

The west side of the Sierra Madre is much rougher than the east-here is a typical canyon on the west side. Depending on where the narrow gauge would have passed, it would have had to cross 40-80 miles of country like this: BTW, This is the country that inspired my Torres & Prietas, which had a concession to build further into the Sierra Madre, but never did largely because of the Mexican Revoution:

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