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 Posted: Sun Jun 24th, 2012 02:42 pm
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I KNEW that Duane would have the historical background on this. We are fortunate to have his opinions and information here.
Like Herbie sayeth-"#*^~# you-this IS the real one"
And what I have been saying for many years-"this IS the prototype"...that will really make them holler, kind of like "My model is missing 2 rivets, well let's see YOURS"!

I think that would be a neat line to model. Big old K locos and a connect with Mexican NG...Most of the big Mexican NG railroads had large 2-8-2's (even one ex D&RGW mike) and even 3 foot gauge 2-6-6-2's, not compact ones like Uintah Mallets, but big old hogs! Yes, you could probably get carried away modeling this and well you should. Go for it!


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