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 Posted: Sun Jun 24th, 2012 01:58 am
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Parts of General Palmer's vision of building a network of narrow gauge into Mexico came into fruition before that plan er..went south. The most important part of that system was the Mexican National, which went from Laredo to Mexico City. I cant remember if Palmer actually sent out a survey team for the line to Guaymas, or if it was just rhetoric, but Guaymas may be a contender for the "city with the most projected railroad lines" in North America award: On paper Guaymas is the closest port to much of the American interior, ie. Colorado, Kansas etc. The reality of it is that it wasnt that practical. Prior to President Porfirio Diaz there was no stability in Mexico, and even after he came in and created order with an iron fist, crossing the Sierra Madre was extremely difficult-the nearest railroad line south of this projected line required 75 years to construct with 88 tunnels. A railroad line from El Paso straight to Guaymas would be equally tough. Would be very interesting from a historical and engineering standpoint...


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