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 Posted: Sat Dec 17th, 2011 03:35 pm
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W.C . fellers..

Thanks back to you..I haven't done ought of note in some time...dabbling in HO...and garden scales..mostly... dabbling...the new effort is upon consolidation...

I have a new start...A great thing..I was hidebound...gridlock...

In the fullness of time..I will post the Excelsior it comes will be awhile before I can get started on modeling..this year./ spring/ summer fer sure...

I am motivated...and enthusiastic..and having the muse...maybe sooner than later...

The new effort is to be 1/2 n xx...a nice scale for inside...along the lines of "G" n is good...I prefer 1/2 nxx..only personal preference..

The fellows using 16.5 mil track have it pretty good now too..the Bachman four wheel side rod dizzle quite the thing for making a 1/35 th or "G" n whatever...

Seems like..{results shew!..} that the gap between 1/48th and 1/35th is fine enough that your stuff on 1/35 th really makes the cut..

I really hate messing with mechs made by some en gineer somewhere with the mysteries seem to be able to mangle the bachman stuff at will..I have little luck...I like simplicity. Even I , can do that..moo hahhahah:wave:

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