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 Posted: Sat Dec 17th, 2011 01:56 am
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My take is that I want to model some "scene"..A place where the atmosphere is so....this is not to say...a specific place on the face of the world...

I pick and choose..from the world of NG trains for rolling stock and Lokeys..all freelance..

specifically for the nitpickers noses...

Currently me...1/2 n 18"..I have refined into one scale ..maybe several gauges ..but the 1/2 n is very interesting to me..I make it gauge does not matter ...I use "O" scale athern freight car wheels for 16.5 inchers in 1/2 "...drill holes in will ..

A canal...mission revival whot I want / when i want...and enjoy the process instead of a life long mission to make the monument..which gets torn out in a day after the widder gets possession..that is sad..:time:

Woodie..I have long admired your outside railway..1:35th is very good..yours are gettin er done..good for you..I come here to check up on you time to time...

Charley Lix , Sparks , Nevada

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