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 Posted: Wed Dec 7th, 2011 11:16 pm
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The latex/rubber molds are very pliable and they allow you to roll the mold up the side or end of the sand box. This not an exact science, all you need is to have a part of the mold that will allow you to hang the casting on the 2x1 uprights. If you can not get the curve how you want it it can be cast in 2 lots, that is pour the hook section and when that goes off re-position the mold and pour the major section

As for shifting or transporting I would guess it depends on the size. The amount of plaster will determine the weight .  Also the joins between the castings may not be very strong. As the whole thing is connected to the super structure you may not be able to move it.

In short I would not like to try shifting or transporting. Keep in mind plaster is heavy, in my case about 300 lbs, also it is not flexible, and I suspect it may snap at the weakest points

Bragdon molds are made using Latex/Rubber and they bend quite well  One advantage of using some of the larger molds is you can cast portions and rotate to give different affects. The rocks on my layout are about 4 feet tall and we only used 5 or 6 molds. when painted it's hard to pick the different casting or the duplication of castings.


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