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 Posted: Wed Nov 9th, 2011 06:18 pm
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My tunnel walk was interesting because all the people were very knowledgeable about rocks and mining. Will used to be a coal miner and had stories about cave ins. Beth spent a lot of time with the old mining families around idaho springs and would recount stories about all that.

I don't know if I got all the sound when Will was talking about the dud dynamite stick. He'd been told that as dynamite gets old it becomes very volatile, some say that even a flashlight is enough energy to set the stick off.

I got some hunks of gold ore on that trip. Could be gold or not in the rock. Who knows. The real issue with gold ore is that it's easy to find trace amounts of it. But if the density is not high enough it's not worth trying to mill it for the ore.

Actually, in idaho springs the most interesting thing is the Pheonix mine, not sure if I spelled it right. there are signs if you follow the road on the west side of town and they will lead you to a working mine that has a lot of stuff set up as a walk through museum. Most of the tour guides are old miners themselves and they can tell you a lot about mining. It was my first trip underground there and it kinda gave me a real liking for it. Even though the mine tour is only a short distance in, you really get a feel for what it must have been like in the old days. I plan to go back to that mine for another visit, just to get that feeling again. If it weren't so dangerous I might want to become a miner myself.

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