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 Posted: Tue Nov 8th, 2011 06:59 pm
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Traingeekboy --

I've started trying to come up with strategies to 1.) make deciding easier and 2.) to not pick a theme that is so locked in to doing just one thing (or at least picking a theme or style that allows for future deviation).

As an example, if I model a later period of a lesser used narrow gauge, then I can run really older equipment, and say it was purchased 3rd hand, or I can run newer stuff and say it was 2nd hand.

If the location of the layout is moved to outside the US and set later, say 1960-1990's, it could run used equipment from the US and still be plausible, but also could use diesels and such (ie. in Mexico and Cuba they still run steam engines).

Another strategy is that I'm thinking of having a view-blocking backdrop that cuts the layout in half. The train will cross this backdrop as a tunnel through a mountain and it lets me say, when the train goes through a mountain that represents travelling a long distance through mountains, and thus I can get away with a slightly different theme on the "other side of the mountains".

This view block could maybe be done a few times and still be plausible.

My last strategy is trying to select a geographic location that has a lot of geographic features. For example, picking something that is up against an ocean or major river means you can do the overall feel of that place PLUS a waterfront section.

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