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 Posted: Sun Nov 6th, 2011 04:57 pm
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or even standard gauge O scale track (I did one of those also

Now, that's interesting.....I asked [perhaps on here, cannot remember...age, y'see]...about converting one of these 2-6-0's to O gauge.... recalling having seen it mentioned a long while ago.

I uncovered a drawing in an old NG&SLG....of, I think, a Bayou Lumber loco, narrow gauge proportions to boiler, etc, but gauged to standard gauge....said drawing rather eliminating the then-current arguments against that sort of conversion [ie, I got shot down in flames]....

Like ON3...[or..1/4 inch scale, 3 foot gauge, to eliminate any thoughts of Colorado?]...the B/mann locos could be a cheap 'n cheerful way in?

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