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 Posted: Sun Nov 6th, 2011 11:04 am
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hi...I don't know whether you people in the US have had the same sort of access to a bargain as ourselves in the UK, but earlier on this year, I purchased [off eBay] a couple of Bachmann On30 2-6-0 locos very in under £30 each....[you'll need to convert to your own chosen currencies for comparison]....

They were in the disguise of Hawthorne Village locos...

OK, they need a strip 'n spray...but the basis is there for whatever you wish...and they're 'new' against, someone-else's ex-nightmare?

Now..what to do with them? [and...the odd items of B/mann On30 stock I've garnered from special offers, etc?}

Track gauge is really an irrelevance to me...I'll make my own anyway....

Since many of B/mann's 'prototypes' were actually 3 foot gauge...rather than 2 foot 6, is it at all easy to regauge the 2-6-0's?
[maybe widen the cylinder block, for example?]

[I have read of re-gauging the B/mann forney to 2 foot...seems an easy job]

For cheapness, I wasn't really interested in BUYING ON3 trucks....altering for gauge will likely involve similar processes as we have, in the UK, when converting from OO to EM....[4mm scale, converting from 16.5mm track 18.2mm gauge..somewhat nearer scale]

Given the cost of ON3 equipment, maybe this way is another option....? Has anybody taken it?

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