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 Posted: Mon Jun 6th, 2011 12:18 am
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hminky wrote: I wanted to model the 1870's in On30. MMI is bringing out a 1870's 4-
4-0, but $400 dollars, HOLY MOLY!!!!!. The Bachmann Mogul looks silly
with a ballon stack when you see it in person, it is an 1880's state
of the art loco, not 1870's

That is the original premise of the thread. When I posted this on several forums no one really read the post. Most On30er's just read the title and went ballistic.

I was just pointing out that to do the 1870's On30 was impossible. MMI hasn't built that loco and probably never will. Not enough interest in 1870's narrow gauge. This is four years ago to the day I posted that.

It can be done in 55n3 easily:

55n3 is basically the same price as On30.


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