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 Posted: Sat May 28th, 2011 02:17 am
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mosslake1 wrote: Good job on the loco mate:thumb: There's gotta be a special blessing for someone who runs Alcos:P

For those who were wondering, that's an Alco/MLW, originally built for the White Pass RR.

Just a thought, why not make a master and cast the dump cars in urethane?

Thanks moss!  Yep, there's just something about those Alcos...

Yeah, probably the best way to do the hopper cars is by casting. I'm going to need at least a half-dozen of them, so in the end it will probably be faster, but that means I first need to learn how to cast in urethane. I originally considered doing them with etched details and brass shapes, but it would likely take forever. So I began the water car in the the meantime. Since I only need one, it makes sense to just do that one in brass.

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