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 Posted: Wed Apr 27th, 2011 02:13 am
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good afternoon all.
the structure is my take on a old power station here in sydney 1930 vintage.these old power stations are huge and white bay power station is just that.built by the railways to supply power to the surban electrics it has not been used for 20 is slowly rusting away awating its fate.once a year it is open to the public and the crush is growing.
as a scratch building project it is a challenge.huge steel lintels stairs everywear corrigated iron  mysterious spaces and pipes
my take is of the area that they used to unload coal wagons and then use conveyor belts to take the coal to the coal  crushers or course it is scaled down.if you want to see what the real thing looks like search -white bay power station.
i feel happy that at last i can move on.i have built 3 versions of this damm power sation over the last 15 months.there is still a bit of repetive building left then fresh air.
cheers kim

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