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 Posted: Sat Apr 23rd, 2011 11:28 pm
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W C Greene wrote: Tate-55n3 is 1:55 scale running on 16.5MM gauge(HO,On30) and there are NO products available (to my knowledge) for this scale. It was an attempt to model 3 foot gauge "correctly" using available On30 and HO items. If you really want to do On30 or Sn42 cheaply, you will have to either visit flea markets or look to ebay for HO locos, etc. that can be used. What you might find is that On30 is cheaper than building locos, etc. using HO stuff. A great running Bachmann On30 Shay can be found for 90 bucks and sources like Favorite Spot and Micro Mark sell On30 locos and cars CHEAP...cheaper than most HO stuff. And Bachmann's On30 locos are quality products. I have seen micro On30 layouts which are maybe 12" square and have 10" radius curves. Bachmann's little On30 Porters and 4 wheel cars just love them.

Sn42 is a great scale/gauge to model. There were quite a few real 42" gauge lines in the US. There are many things available for S scale also.


One of the main reasons I am doing Sn42 is that there were TONS of 42" gauge railways in Ontario, and it was definitly the most popular in my area (Chatham-Kent Ontario). I like the size, (bigger than HO, smaller then O), I am a scratchbuild addict (lots of buildings!) and there are TONS of HO stuff for a kitbash. Also, HOn42 is really hard to get and for On42, there are almost no S scale models to be kitbashed, and O is a bit to big for my taste, and HO is just a bit to small, I need glasses soon, but S scale will pay off when I am older.

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