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 Posted: Fri Apr 15th, 2011 08:17 pm
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I noticed that too, I think the mail box is for the gypsum mine processing plant, the sharp curve is right before the quarry.

Yeah, that's a road in the drawing. It separates the gypsum storage area and the wallboard plant. The road is straight, but I may give it a bend so it takes up less space. Another thing to do is to set the whole line at an angle, so the road is more perpendicular to the shelf.

I'm doing this in S scale, but I'll still have to build most of the rolling stock from scratch. Railmaster Imports sells a pewter craftsman kit for the locomotive, so at least motive power is taken care of.

I also love the cool little tank car at the end of every train, doing its level best to impersonate a caboose.

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