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 Posted: Fri Apr 1st, 2011 10:02 pm
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morming here is another variety

this is a 2 leaver variety from a groung frame.a bit more complicated than the simple ground frame.this one usually had some form of a key to unlock it,this is in 1-1 scale.the key was obtaned from the signal box[switch tower] or was on the end of the safe working staff that was carried by the loco.
anyway the ground frame,i make all my signilling stuff either in nickel silver or brass,styrene is just not strong enough.seeing that the point blades are not spring loaded there is a piece of stryene that acts as a rubbing plate.the crank is a copy of a australian standard gauge variety more than likely of a english pattern[img]">.this is typical of narrow gauge with they use of secound hand equipment.
i have also included a photo of a very simple one that is used in a narrow gauge yard,if you look in the right hand corner you will see the throw over mechanism of another variety.i have used a combination of cranks wheels and weights in all my dioramas for years just remember to place the leavers where you can throw them.

cheers kim

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