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 Posted: Sat Mar 26th, 2011 05:28 pm
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Well dang it all Woodie, I forgot about The Cave. Looks like I have to visit again soon and get that cold brew!

Herb, they all burned wood early in their careers, and then all were converted to burn oil later in their service careers (except #5 and her two sisters who worked on the high line between Coronado Mine and the incline). They burned mostly mesquite, as did the early boilers and furnaces for the mining operation. Entire forests of mesquite were cleared along the banks of nearby Gila River to supply to fuel needs. When these locos were restored, they got wood burning stacks...whether out of necessity or preference I don't know.

As for esthetics, I typically don't like diamond stacks much, but these are more like Congdon stacks with a shallower angle on the lower half. They are an acquired taste, and I've developed a certain appreciation for them


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