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 Posted: Sat Mar 26th, 2011 05:11 am
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Well, I finally fulfilled one of my 'bucket list' items, got myself down the road to Clifton and Morenci, Arizona to photograph two of the last surviving 20" gauge Porters operated by the Arizona Copper Company. The ACC, nicknamed the 'baby gauge', was the first narrow gauge railroad in Arizona.

Here's #8, the Copper Head, on display near the railroad station in Clifton. She is definitely showing her age, I hope she gets a new coat of paint before too long. This is the only surviving 20" gauge 0-4-4 in its as-built configuration.

This is #5, the Forman, which was cut down around 1900 before being hoisted up the Coronado Incline to serve on the high line, shuttling cars along a short 20" line between the mine and the upper incline station. After she and two of her sisters had been abandoned for 63 years on the mountain following closing of the mine, she was hauled down and restored.

This is Detroit Copper #2, which served the mines around Morenci. She was preserved by a former engineer and is now on display at the Adobe Mountain Railroad Park in north Phoenix, Arizona.

I have more info. about the history of these amazing lokies on my website here:

And i have some photo CDs available for anyone interested here:

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