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 Posted: Sat Dec 18th, 2010 10:02 pm
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So far so good-the pictures give the illusion of a relatively complete layout, but it has never been a truly operational layout. Ive been waffling over remote control or dcc, but have not commited to either, so basically the small yard has never been operational, and even with the yard the operation consisted of a loop and a couple of turnouts. In the meantime, I had a relatively complete section of layout taking up a corner of the garage that had never been operated. It was built several years ago for a modular group, unfortunately, everyone else flaked out. So the challenge is to integrate "Cerveza Mesa" with the Ojuela Bridge and Silver City Smelter sections into one, operational layout:

"Cervaza Mesa" earned its name from a pecular rock formation at the top of the ridge the has puzzled geologists and archaeologists for years:




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