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 Posted: Sat Dec 18th, 2010 09:43 am
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Thats some pretty cool scenic work.  I think I recall seeing you post some of the under construction shots of that canyon pass some time ago (mainly spray painted with a fairly "untraditional" colour pallete to start with from memory, but served to put down the good depth of colour for the final ones).  The bridge makes for a awesome display of some dangerous railroading practices.  Its a shame to hear about the climate issues with the delicate nature of the model.  I hope you can find a good solution the stabilise things becasue I think its a very good piece of character modelling.  I also think the hot and harsh looking shadows in the photos (one of the pleasures of outdoor phototgraphy) contribute really well to setting the location for these models too.

Thanks for showing it again.

Dan Pickard

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