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 Posted: Sat Nov 6th, 2010 11:26 pm
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Thanks everybody.

My hydraulic bridge is a static model even though I have given it a lot of thought about how to make it work.

The first change would to build it out of metal, styrene is just too fragile.

The power could be miniature hydraulics, chain or concealed electric motor.

This is my first bridge of this type, believe me I pulled it to pieces a few times but it worked out in the end.

It is based on the modern military hydraulic moveable bridges. The only reference I could find was an online modelling catalog.

The bridge will eventually be used on my modern industrial rail display.

This display is taking a long time really, I keep finding things that I want to model and they all have to have their place.

My time period is about 1973 onwards.

This world is hydraulics, containers, roller-doors, material handling machines.

This worlds materials are the marine salvage of the past.

I will post pictures as it evolves.

The size is 2 foot wide, 1 foot 6 inches deep and 1 foot 3 inches high.

Cheers Kim

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