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 Posted: Mon Feb 16th, 2009 05:59 pm
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The side rivets are Grandt 1/32nd rivets. I drilled holes through the sides and simply glued them in place. I wasn't particularly happy about them not being positioned perfectly but I'll get over it. These are for operation, not for a contest.

For the ends I felt like I needed something other than bare metal (plastic) so took some small rectangles of .010" styrene sheet material and punced the pattern in place with a center punch I had laying around. Again, not really perfect. After I glued them in place I tought they helped the car's appearance a bit. Then I added the block above the coupler pocket along with four Grandt nbw castings.

BTW, I plan to take another shot later with all the pre-cut parts used beside a completed car, just to show what was required to build just one car. I was surprised at the number. But it keeps me off the street.

I'm cutting parts for five more cars. I may start working on a box car before I get to those. 

James Sullivan
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