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 Posted: Sun Feb 15th, 2009 02:07 pm
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W C Greene

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James-I thought those were MY cars! They should be...When you get ready, we'll couple them up to #5 and take them to the mines. Beautiful work. When you called the MRy "sweet", maybe you mis-wrote. The Mogollon is more like rough, wild, decadent, funky...not really sweet, but thanks for the comment.  That Peco On30 track looks pretty good in the larger scale, maybe the company should start promoting their track for 3/8. James-there is another poor soul who is taken with the larger bug, however, he is like you once were, a rigid Maine 2 footer fan, and wants to "be correct" by using 1:32 and On3 track standards. Who knows, someday Bachmann may come out with a 3/8 Silver City Shay and ore cars (a pipe "dream") and then we could rent a barn & put on a show!      Woodrow

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