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 Posted: Fri Feb 13th, 2009 09:37 pm
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Just to clarify, the ore car is built in 1/35th scale, the same as Woodie's Mogollon Rwy.

Those trucks are the regular arch bars that Bachmann sells for On30. When I tried them out they looked 'good enough'. And they roll great!

I also have some trucks from MacLeod Western that will make their appearance on other cars slated to be built for the tramway. They are just too cool looking and based on trucks the Westside Lumber Co. used.

I'll be using the frame and bolsters from Foothill Models fine line of On3 flat cars. Jerry does all the styrene casting himself and they are to die for. Those of you working in On30 need to check out his website sometime if your not already aware of it. Nope, don't work for him, just like the goods.

And just to further explain the construction...the cars are built entirely from styrene sheet and strips except for the board by board end platforms. The brake wheels are white metal castings from Selley (Bowser). I've also used a little bit of brass wire. I also now have a possible source for larger brake wheels from a fellow in New York that sells to circus modelers.

More coming later. Woodie said I hafta.   

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