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 Posted: Mon Jul 16th, 2007 02:07 am
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Howdy, Mr. Paladin, suh...

I'm the guy that you and Woodie were trying to get on the freerails roles as a didn't work but that's no reason not to say "Thank you"

Locally there's a whiz with computers who after some searching found a way to get the URL necessary to click on for a membership.  I"m now known as mudge85 and I'd love to get into the R/C action. Woodie is about as knowledgable with R/C as anyone I know and has been quite helpful to me since he lives in a motorcoach in my back yard. He's setting his layout up now after about a month of wet...dry...wet...dry days and his home now needs a boat dock for an entrance 

I'll knock off for're probably asleep, anyway. Oh, the real name is Bill Caldwell, 85 years old and mad as hell because of a busted hip.


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