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 Posted: Sun May 27th, 2007 02:33 am
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Cody-yes, I built an On20 layout with the same name back in the last century & had a story about it in a 2000 NG&SLG issue. The enginehouse I built for the new layout was copied from the old O scale model. The Garratt was built from 2 IHC HO Dockside mechanisms and a lot of "scratch" and some PSC parts. As with all the Mogollon Railway's locomotives, she's wireless with radio control and onboard batteries. I found that is is easier to do radio in slightly larger locos and besides, I love 1:32 scale now. Being able to use available On30 locos and running gear is a real plus also, I want to have a nice layout in my lifetime, not be scratchbuilding everything. I do have to build my own structures as it is anyway. Thanks for the interest.

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