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 Posted: Fri May 18th, 2007 11:30 pm
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James-thanks for the interest. The Mogollon Railway's sections(I don't use the term "modules") hang like slabs of beef inside my motor home and some of them also reside in my friend Bill's garage where they can be brought out & set up. The sections are built on 2 inch styrofoam and are extremely lightweight. I have detachable shelf brackets on the outside of my motor home which will hold about 26 feet of line. The sections then go out from there and are supported on camera tripods. I am building a new section now which will bring the line back into a large "U" shaped layout. The Mogollon Railway is point to point with turntables at each end and the "hidden track" has a return loop for turning the "wax camp trains". I will try to send out a track plan for all this, I just build things without plans so the design could change.

The sections are held together with steel pins inside brass tubing which is fine for what I am doing. One thing I won't explain is the wiring-there is none! I run with radio control & on board batteries. If that interests you, check out the radio control topic in this site. I just love this stuff!!!

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