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 Posted: Fri Nov 19th, 2021 05:30 pm
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Well, twisting around that old colloquialism,
I did get a big package delivered by FedEx today,
and guess what was inside !

John Coker of Coker Railroad Art painted this beautiful watercolor,
of Gilpin Tram Shay #4 with a short train.

He and I had been discussing this idea for some time,
and we worked out arrangements at the Narrow Gauge Convention,
in Hickory, North Carolina this year.

John kept me apprised of his progress,
and the completed painting was ready to ship this month !

Next, I'll be picking out the matting and frame for this painting,
and it will then be hung in a place of honor,
in our living room when that's all done.

If the painting looks vaguely familiar to you, it should.

It was based on the photo image above,
showing Shay #4 with a  work train on the Banta Hill branch. 

John agreed to several, ahem, enhancements that I requested,
swapping out the work train cars and workers with an ore car and flatcar,
and I also asked for caboose 0400 to be at the end.

Oh, and we added a typical mine on the hillside,
that otherwise wasn't in the original photo.

All for now.


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