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 Posted: Mon Oct 4th, 2021 03:16 am
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Yep, I'm talking about dust collecting on the model railroading.

This past summer/early fall, I have been busy doing stuff,
including building several models, but I didn't operate the layout much. 

Today, I noticed the dust that had collected on the buildings,
so I did a little cleaning.

Using a very soft brush, I brushed off the roofs and rock formations.
Then, using another soft brush attachment, vacuumed everything I could,
buildings, track, roads, grassy areas, etc.

I glued everything down securely,
and as far as I know, I didn't lose any figures or little details !

The reason I am doing this fall cleaning now,
is that I am getting ready to do some operating sessions on the layout. 

I am still undecided as to how I want to run operating schemes.

This past winter, I used the car card system,
which has several advantages, but also some disadvantages, too,
such as needing to shuffle cards.

The other method is to use a switchlist system.
I like the switchlist system called 'Switchlist',
it is a free download, and has a good news group with lots of tips.

Examples of some of the lists it generates are shown above

However, it is for Mac operating systems only,
but there are several similar ones that can run on PCs. 

This one has several advantages,
amongst them the lack of having to shuffle papers,
but a few disadvantages, too.

So, the next round of operating will be with 'Switchlist'.
I'll post photos of the trains I'm running and switching operations soon !

'til next time


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