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 Posted: Tue Sep 28th, 2021 04:22 am
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On my Colorado trip, we also rode the Durango & Silverton,
the former Denver and Rio Grande line between the two named towns.

Once again, we were able to ride in a private car at the rear of the train.
Once again, I spent a lot of time riding the rear platform.

What impressed me was how winding and twisting the line was,
as shown above,

A lot of curves, even in areas that are not the confined rocky areas,
in the narrow areas of the canyon that this line mostly runs through.

There is hardly a straight stretch of track,
once you leave the comparatively flat areas near Durango.

I think the modeling inspiration here is to avoid straight segments of track,
and particularly those parallel to the front of the layout framing.

The twisting and turning is much more visually interesting !


Back in 2007, I built an HO model for my HOn30 layout,
of the Polar Star Mill and ore chutes transfer (to the 3' gauge).

This model was published in Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette a few years ago.

Here is a view of the HO Polar Star Mill and ore chutes transfer,
I had previously built for a former layout. 

I no longer had space or use for this model,
and it had sat on shelves gathering dust.

Kent Blake, owner of the real Polar Star Mill in Black Hawk,
has graciously showed me the mill,
and provided much information on the local history.

So, what better place for this model than at the real mill ?

Here I am with Polar Star Mill owner Kent,
where he will store the model inside the real mill.

That's all for now - more later.
'til next time


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