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 Posted: Tue Sep 28th, 2021 03:53 am
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Many of the supporting stone retaining walls were hard to view,
due to the thick brush and shrubs.  Now, they are easily viewed.

Along the way, there is this drain built into the stone wall.
The track would have been built right above it.
This is a detail I should build into my layout.


I have picked up the authors' previous 4 books,
and now they have a 5th volume - it should be good reading !

White River Productions just released this book on Shay locomotives,
of course, the Gilpin Tram's 5 Shays are included in the material,
and there is much, much more, in this thick, heavy volume.

With the cold, dark Minnesota winters not too far away,
I'll be able to curl up in a warm spot and have some good reading.

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