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 Posted: Tue Sep 28th, 2021 03:45 am
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Shortly after returning from the Narrow Gauge Convention, we headed out to Colorado.

We did and saw a lot of things, and got a lot of inspiration and ideas from this trip. 

Places like this inspire me to try to model a small part of Colorado in my basement.

This view has all the things I love, dramatic scenery,
a railroad grade, rocky crags, pine forests, and beautiful skies.

This is on the old Colorado Midland grade, near Hagerman Tunnel

Of course, one of my stops was in Gilpin County, in the Central City/Black Hawk area.
I visited several parts of the Gilpin Tram.

Among other things, I collected several nicely colored dirt samples for use on my layout.
Here, 3 of the colors are being dried and will be later sifted by size.

I wonder how many tons of dirt have been hauled away over the years by modelers ?

In 2019, I posted some photos,
showing the construction of a Black Hawk public trail system,
which includes the Gilpin Tram's former Chase Gulch mainline.

The trail system is completed, and includes a nice parking lot,
and trail system across the highway from the former enginehouse site,
and built over the former warming house location.

There is a handy pedestrian bridge over busy Highway 119.

This trail connects several mountain bike trails on Maryland Mountain,
but walkers can walk all the way up to Tucker Junction,
and also walk up the Tucker Mill Branch.

What is really nice is the brush and tree-covered right of way has been cleared.
You can see much more of the stone walls  and construction compared to before.

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