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 Posted: Tue Sep 28th, 2021 03:34 am
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It's been a while since I have posted anything.
The past month has been very busy, as I have been traveling and having fun.

Here's an update on what I have been doing,
and the inspiration I got for Gilpin Tram modeling projects this fall and winter.


I attended the 41st National Narrow Gauge Convention, this year in Hickory, North Carolina.

I had a great time, saw a lot of friends, listened to great clinics, and viewed great modeling.
These conventions are great to get a lot ideas and renewed enthusiasm for my model railroad.

This convention was probably the smallest one of the 15 or so I have attended.
The reported attendance was about 800.

It seems non-Colorado conventions are usually about half or less,
what the Denver conventions are, for many reasons.

The model contest room was excellent, and there were many good models.

I talked to a lot of people who told me this was their first convention that they attended.
These people seemed mostly in the southeast US, or mid-Atlantic region.
It was popular with them for being relatively close and a chance to attend one.

The conventions were excellent, and ran through a variety of topics.
I enjoyed several conventions on regional topics, including ET&WNC (of course),
but also 3 nearby by Appalachian logging lines I had not been aware of before

At Saturday’s closing, they asked who had been to all 41 conventions,
3 people stood up.

Here's some photos of some neat things I saw and liked:

In the contest room, there was this 1:48 scale track speeder.
The modeler printed this in 3D resin, and showed how he did it - wow !

This was a 1:48 scale diorama of a turpentine view,
a new industry to me, and very well done.

Gary Knapp brought 2 sections of his layout, depicting WWI trench railways.

These 2' lines have very interesting locomotives and rolling stock,
and I have several models and kits that could be used,
for post-war, industrial-type models.

These models were very well done.

There is a final meeting in the ballroom, with a wrap-up of the convention,
presentations for future conventions, and bids for future conventions.

The upcoming conventions will be:
      2022 - Tacoma
      2023 - Denver

      2024 - Pittsburgh

      2025 - St. Louis

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