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 Posted: Sat Aug 21st, 2021 04:22 am
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As more or less a tradition, every one of my model railroads,
has had the restaurant building on it, since I built it in 1980.
(the Chinese Laundry next to it, is a Rusty Rails kit) 

This building was sold by Woodland Scenics (and still may be),
as a two-store kit, and a simple build of metal and wood parts. 

I have always used it as a restaurant,
and have modified the details on it over the years.

On the current layout, this kit now features,
subdued interior lighting using 3.7v LEDs.

There is no interior, and you can't really see anything,
due to the "dirty" windows.

Another view of the side and rear of the restaurant building.

The Melo-Crowns painted sign was a dry transfer applied in 1980,
and been used on this kit ever since.

So, I guess you can say old buildings never really die,
they just get rejuvenated and reused ! 

I have also given away many buildings to friends over the years,
for use on their layouts.

This allows me to diminish my stock of built buildings,
and provides an excuse to build more !

I would guess most of you reading this thread,
probably have done the same thing with various buildings and kits.

What structures do you like and re-use on your model railroads ?


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