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 Posted: Sat Aug 21st, 2021 04:15 am
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hanks for the nice comment on the revamped residential scene.

The two buildings, plus the two outbuildings, have all been saved,
and will presumably be used on a future layout scene.

But, I have no actual plans for that right now.

Actually, I have more buildings than I will realistically have space for,
whether on my current layout, or others I may build in the future.

You see, I enjoy building buildings, and as a result,
I keep accumulating kits and building supplies.

So what happens is that buildings tend to get stored for a while,
then re-used on a model scene, and then get stored again,
when I rebuild that part of the layout, move again,
or just change my idea about what I want to model. 


However, there are certain buildings that I happen to like a lot,
and they tend to pop up again and again on layouts and modules.

One of these buildings is this freelanced depot.

This small structure was scratchbuilt from styrene in 1980,
and have used it on 5 renditions of my model railroad ever since.

It was basically a composite of depots I have liked,
and sized to fit my HOn30 layouts.

In the photo above, it was situated in my Nugget town scene.

This is the same scene, showing the backside of the depot.

The Nugget scene was dismantled a couple of years ago
(the module was nicked and dinged from getting moved about)
and the depot is currently stored.

But likely to be back on the layout in the next couple of years.

Another "classic" older kit is the original Revell Farmhouse kit.
I think the tooling for this came out in the 1960s, maybe earlier.

The classic design, nice architectural lines,
and easy-to-build styrene construction, lends itself to kitbashing.

This kit was reduced in depth,
and set up to be a small boarding house.

It is seen here on my Gilpin Tram layout about 2005.
I moved since then, tore down that layout, and the kit is stored.

In this photo, we're back to the Nugget module,
in beautiful downtown Nugget.

The place name is real (it's a site in Gilpin County),
but it never became a large settlement,
and it looked nothing like my model !

Anyway, a kit I have re-used time and time again,
is the former Revell one-car garage.

This little kit was packaged with the Revell farmhouse,
and I always liked the proportions.

It is hard to tell in this photo,
but it is the "C. Conrad Co." liquor store front.

I have used this building on probably all of my layouts,
and tend to kitbash it this way and that way,
into whatever storefront I need at the time.

A very useful model kit !

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