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 Posted: Fri Aug 6th, 2021 04:44 am
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Keith Pashina


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Here is the completed scene,
after blending the new residential foam board into existing scenery.

I added some details, such as chairs, brooms, etc. on the porches,
and yard details such as flowering shrubs.

These were made from little bits of foam shrubs,
with colored foam for the flowers glued on.

Each building was lit with 3v LEDs, and simple interiors added.
I added some paper curtains, figures, and basic furniture inside.

You can't see much inside,
but there is enough there to hint at activity inside.

On the road in front of the homes,
I added a 4-horse team pulling an empty ore wagon.

The ore wagon would have been leaving,
the adjacent Chamberlain Sampling Works.

The ore wagon is from Berkshire Valley,
I like the double teamster figure offered by them.

The two people are molded realistically,
and actually fit on the wagon seat.

This wagon also has a lantern hanging on its right side,
and a 2.7v LED inside the custom 3D-printed lantern,
created by John Niemeyer. 

I was pleased with how the overall rebuilt scene turned out,
and glad I revamped this area.

The Black Hawk scene flows together better as a result.

'Til next time,


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